Digital Tracks Workshop Resources

Digital Tracks is open to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses and people in South East Queensland. Digital Tracks will run from early February through to early June 2019. The Iscariot Media team will pull all resources for the program here on this page.


Digital Tracks Digital Health Check 

Technology is constantly changing, as are our customers’ expectations. This survey will help us evaluate the health of your business from a technology and digital perspective. This will enable us to work out what areas we can work on to help you get the most from your operations. This survey looks at everything from your web presence and search-ability to you the technology available to you and your knowledge of what is available to you. We will use the results to help shape our workshops over the coming months and to better provide support to businesses. Your results may be collated later for reporting to inform government about the digital needs of Indigenous businesses in South East Queensland.

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Digital Tracks Facebook Group

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Digital Tracks Feedback form

Feedback is essential for our work. It helps us get better in delivery and in shaping our resources to best help our community. Thank you for your feedback. We really appreciate it. All feedback is anonymous.

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Workshop Resources

Slide deck – Digital Tracks – Phase 1 (Google Presentation)

Social Media Content Calendar (Google Spreadsheet)

Slide deck – Digital Tracks – Phase 2 (Google Presentation)

Slide deck – Digital Tracks – Phase 3 (Google Presentation)

Additional resources: