The Little Sector That Could: DITID Forum 2018

The presentation to the DITID End of Year Forum was about introducing staff to the opportunities to engage with the Queensland Indigenous businesses sector. With only 25 minutes (& a week out from Christmas), what could we do that was fun, a little light with a bit of a punch, but also engaging and informative?

Points made in the presentation: 

  • People can use the policies as ‘sticks’ that force them into engaging with Indigenous businesses and people or alternatively they can embrace the challenge and engage because it makes our government and our country a better place.
  • It isn’t easy. It’s inconvenient. But it’s still worthwhile.
  • You don’t know what you don’t know.  Put Indigenous business on your radar.
  • You will do the wrong thing and make mistakes. We all make mistakes when we embark on a new journey. But that’s okay. Stick it out and you will reap the rewards.
  • The rewards will probably be intrinsic. There may never be an award or acknowledgement. That’s okay too.
  • It’s hard talking about race, but it’s harder living as a person of colour and an Indigenous person in a racialised country that doesn’t think of itself as such.
  • Create and engage with your communities of practice.
  • From little things, big things grow.
  • You can make a vital contribution to the Little Sector That Could (concept cheerfully stolen from Damien!)

Trivia – notes & additional resources

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Indigenous business activities and opportunities to engage

The policies that guide the work 

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