5 tips for Facebook for business

I meet quite a few Indigenous business owners who are still getting their thinking around social media. I want to reiterate, that you CAN live without a Facebook page for your business (that is, YOU DON’T NEED A FACEBOOK PAGE). It all comes back to “what do you want to say” and “to whom are you saying it”. ┬áIf your audience is on Facebook – engaging, listening, talking – then you probably do want to be there.

The rise of the #selfie

If you know about or use Instagram by now you’ll probably be familiar with the #selfie. I don’t agree with the current Urban Dictionary definition of #selfie, as I think it’s evolved from the world of myspace and duckface to one where a selfie is basically a self-portrait using a phone camera. The images are designed to be used online and shared on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.