Using Evernote to improve efficiency

Collaborative working is such a significant component of modern day workplaces. The Iscariot Media team work in different locations, and often asynchronously. Being able to access documents from multiples devices at any time of the day is imperative. The availability of cloud services mean this option is now an option for many small business. Evernote is a collaborative cloud based tool that was primarily designed for what what its name suggestions – Notetaking. I created an Evernote account a few years ago, but it’s only recently that I’ve begun to use it seriously, and now I thoroughly recommend it.

New toys/tools fun for some, headaches for others

I’m thinking about the barriers to collaboration when I watch this video. The Conversation team have created such a simple tool, so simple to use. But despite its simplicity and easy interface, there will still be people who will not understand or want to use it. Some will resist the tool itself, some academics will resist the mainstream exposure (which can be extremely negative), and some will resist the CC. We have to find a balance between respecting people’s own career choices (to collaborate or not to collaborate) in the face of business/institutional imperatives.