Indigenous Business Australia’s Marketing Goes Digital

Indigenous Business Australia’s Marketing Goes Digital

Indigenous Business Australia has a suite of workshops that it delivers around Australia. These include “Into Business”, Procurement, Law, Growth, and “Start-up” workshops. The workshops are designed to target Indigenous peoples and businesses from across Australia, at all stages of business, and across a range of different industries.

In March 2017 IBA sought to add a Digital Marketing workshop to their offering and Iscariot Media worked closely with IBA to develop this offering. On behalf of Indigenous Business Australia, we wrote a one-day workshop to skill Indigenous business owners across Australia.

The package included the development of a facilitator’s’ guide, participant guide, and slide-deck. 

About the development of the package

The draft program was developed within the set timeframes and Leesa Watego successfully delivered it three times to pilot audiences (in Brisbane, Perth, and Sydney). Given Iscariot’s strong commitment to continuous improvement and feedback, it was amended and updated after each pilot based on feedback from the participants and in discussion with IBA. There were no significant or notable changes. The final deliverable to IBA included:

  • a facilitator’s Handbook
  • a participants Handbook
  • handouts, including a marketing canvas
  • a slide deck including mini videos

As part of the workshop, we developed artwork and samples (1-page marketing plan, digital campaign framework) for a mock business. We also developed a sample infographic and identified examples of in/effective social media (still and video images) for use in the workshop.

Until COVID-19, the workshop continued to be delivered by independent facilitators across Australia.

You can find more information about Indigenous Business Australia’s workshops at their website.

If you’d like to find out more or would like to discuss creating a business training package for your organisation, don’t hesitate to contact us: leesa@iscariotmedia.com.