Digital Tracks

Digital Tracks focused on developing the digital literacy, skills, and expertise of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander small businesses in the southeast corner to meet the demands of a growing digital economy across small business and for these businesses to meet the required criteria of the Queensland Government’s Best of Queensland Experiences. The BoQE is the new benchmark standard for tourism and hospitality businesses and is managed by Tourism Events Queensland (TEQ) to “identify those experiences that best bring the Queensland story to life and consistently deliver a higher-quality visitor experience”.

Digital Tracks was open to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander business owners and staff. The program is being run over 4 sites including Toowoomba, Redlands, Moreton Shire, Brisbane.

The Digital Tracks program included hands-on and theoretic workshops on:

  • Social Media
  • Digital Advertising and Promotion
  • Managing Digital Reviews and Feedback
  • Managing Clients and Customers

Digital Tracks ran from early February through late May 2019. Delivery partners were TAFE Queensland and Queensland Government