We were engaged to work with the Treading the Pathways team and together, thinking through the strategy of the organisation and its needs, created the name Blakdance and developed the logo.

About the logo

The logo is based around the bringing together of Indigenous dance from country to the wider community. It was important to create visual movement to provide the viewer with a sense of dance/movement. The foot is used as a means of capturing and conveying dance. The figure is non-gender specific as dance is an art form that can be performed by anyone. The bottom of the foot represents the country/ origin of the dance style. The small circles around the bottom of the foot represent place. The figure on the right) represents the dancer and the dance. The dancer rises up from its place of origin to share the wider community. The radiating circles (on the pad of the foot) represent difference audiences within the wider community. They also represent the learning/understanding of the origins of the dance and origins of culture. At the top (the toes), each circle represents different places.

We also developed the logo and design elements for Lagaw Gub, a dance education kit created by Dennis Newie for BlakDance. Lagaw Gub, meaning Island Wind depicts the four winds coming into the centre of Moa Island, the origin of the language and dance of Lagaw Gub. Surrounded by the island winds design is the totems of Dennis and his family and as well as icons of the Torres Strait Islands.


Posted on

October 17, 2019