Social media isn’t free anymore, not that it ever was

Prompted by this month’s Pepsi and United backlash on social media, I read a rant today about how companies should plan social media defence strategies before they even think about launching a social media campaign. He further quoted some ‘guru’ saying that with social media you never need to pay for advertising. I could write this post by arguing that United wouldn’t be where they are had their staff not be physically violent with their customers. I’d hardly blame social media for United’s problems at this point. But it’s this final point I want to focus on.

1st April – Digital Profiles Update Day

In addition to checking your fire alarms, we’re declaring the 1st of April to be the (unofficial) Digital Profiles Update (DPU) Day. Why? Because things change – are you still working at the job? have you just finished a deadly project? do you still look like that? have you just completed a course? is that description still the best way to describe your business? It’s easy to forget to update all your

Too many small business owners see social media as ‘What I had for breakfast’

Why should you pay for a website when you can build it for free?

I’m still amazed by the number of small business owners who still think social media is ‘what I had for breakfast’. They see it as a waste of time, silly and frivolous. Or, they think that it takes too much time away from ‘real’ business activities.

Small business – stop chasing followers

Despite being a decade old, there are still many in business new to “social media” as a marketing tool.¬†Wearing my Indigenous Small Business supporter hat, I still see many small business people (especially when they’re starting out) posting things like,

Are you getting the social media audience you think you deserve?

I’ve been seeing more and more business people hit the social media streams lately. More Indigenous businesses are Tweeting, Facebooking, Instagraming and LinkedIn-ing about their business, their crews, their products and services, and news with their networks.¬†It’s fantastic!

How to change your Twitter username

Your organisation or business starts a Twitter account, but some time down the track, you need to change it. This post will tell you how.

Taking the leap into the social web

I’ve talked previously about establishing outposts for The Critical Classroom. But what does one do before that point? This post is written for a friend who has been not quite ready to take the leap into the social web for business but knows that they should/can.