Promoting your Indigenous small business

5 ways to promote your Indigenous business through networking

All business owners approach starting a business in different ways. Some talk about their ideas for years and eventually start, while others will just start trading with barely a word.

Starting in business? You don’t need permission.

Starting a Business? You Don't need permission | Iscariot Media - Indigenous & Creative Agency

For many people new to business, it can take a while to realise there is no license to start. There is no official form, course or program. Some of you may require licenses for specific industry, eg. a taxi license, or council permits for food, but for many, you decide to go into business (you register a business name or maybe not if you’re just a sole trader) and you’re off and away. You don’t need

Using Gmail for your organisation or small business

Using Gmail for your organisation | Iscariot Media - Indigenous and Creative Agency

In the scheme of things, a ‘proper’ email address is inexpensive (Microsoft Hosted Exchange is $5.60 per month – August 2015), however for some of our organisations and small businesses this is an extra expense that just can’t be met in the start-up phase. If you’re just starting out there are things you can do until you’re able to afford an email set up that is more professional (and secure and

The rise of the #selfie

If you know about or use Instagram by now you’ll probably be familiar with the #selfie. I don’t agree with the current Urban Dictionary definition of #selfie, as I think it’s evolved from the world of myspace and duckface to one where a selfie is basically a self-portrait using a phone camera. The images are designed to be used online and shared on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.