Brisbane City Council’s Lord Mayor’s Business Forum – 22nd April

So this week I just made it to my second Lord Mayor’s Business Forum. It was a hectic afternoon as I bounced from one event to the other. Just before I’d attended the Indigenous Accountants Australia first student networking event, representing the South East Queensland Indigenous Chamber of Commerce. It was great to see so many young people having an opportunity to meet up with employers and industry leaders.

Brisbane City Council’s Lord Mayor’s Business Forum – 18th February

In February this year I attended my first Brisbane City Council’s Lord Mayor’s Business Forum at Albion. This week I’m attending my second.

During the February event, I tweeted the good bits, and later Storified it for archiving. I hope to do the same again this week. I’ll be using the #LMBF2015 hashtag again, unless there an official hashtag is created.

Self-employed or an enterprise: Which are you building?

I had a matter-a-fact conversation with a ┬ánew acquaintance – a business woman. She was serving me, and while we waited for my product to be ready, she mentioned that she had just finished a shift at the supermarket. You see, while she and her husband “owned and ran a shop”, they both had other jobs. She worked at a supermarket most afternoons, and cleaned two mornings per week, while once a week he drove hire buses. She was also an apprentice in the store, working and studying, so she could be soon qualified to work in be store alone. She also “did the books”. He, clearly handy with code, had written their store’s unique (and complicated) point of sale system.