Are you getting the social media audience you think you deserve?

I’ve been seeing more and more business people hit the social media streams lately. More Indigenous businesses are Tweeting, Facebooking, Instagraming and LinkedIn-ing about their business, their crews, their products and services, and news with their networks. It’s fantastic!

How to change your Twitter username

Your organisation or business starts a Twitter account, but some time down the track, you need to change it. This post will tell you how.

Talking about blogging at #FNAWW

Leesa was invited to present at the First Nations Australia Writers’ Network Workshop event at the State Library of Queensland in May. The event was very inspirational and there was quite a bit of “star-struckness” as the who’s who of Australian Indigenous literature turned out to be there.

Kim Scott, Herb Wharton, Melissa Lucashenko and Anita Heiss.

Here is a link to Leesa’s presentation, posted on Deadly Bloggers

Organising images on your Facebook page

Images are powerful tool in social media. Good images get shared and can take on a life of their own, As a page owner, how do you get value for your effort when it comes to images?

Here are a few tips I’ve shared with clients in the past –

New Websites, New Themes

As I mentioned previously, we’re gradually taking the leap from Blogger to WordPress for all our blogs. This month, Deadly Bloggers and The Critical Classroom will both be migrated. Unfortunately, the migrations are taking a bit longer than I anticipated. Note-to-self: never underestimate the time it takes to create a website.

In my opinion and experience Blogger really is a great place to try out ideas – it’s easy and it’s inexpensive. You can use Blogger to explore a concept and allow that idea to keep evolving. But, depending on what you want your site to do, you will more than likely move to a self-hosted site, like a WordPress one – there is way more functionality and control.

After much to-and-froing, I’ve decided to stick with the Twenty-Twelve theme. I want to keep this site simple and functional, with all our energies going into our project spaces. I have to say, I was really tempted to get out and try one of the new one page responsive themes. I was up very late (early in the morning) exploring ThemeForest. The one page responsive themes are perfect for portfolio sites – lots of gorgeous and eye-catching images. I’m looking forward to one day developing new sites using this style.

If you’re not sure of the one-page responses designers, have a look at Nicole Jensen‘s revamped site (which I love) and I noticed the other day that Carbon Media is also using this style. The blue on black, and the big bold circles, looks great and really suit their brand.

Measuring Facebook engagement: Do some users sabotage your stats?

Note: This is a really quick post that has more questions and few answers.

I use Facebook for personal and professional engagement. I have multiple pages for brands and organisations that I’m part of. On a personal level, I’m also always actively reflecting on what my personal behaviour says about myself as a user.

5 tips for Facebook for business

I meet quite a few Indigenous business owners who are still getting their thinking around social media. I want to reiterate, that you CAN live without a Facebook page for your business (that is, YOU DON’T NEED A FACEBOOK PAGE). It all comes back to “what do you want to say” and “to whom are you saying it”.  If your audience is on Facebook – engaging, listening, talking – then you probably do want to be there.

Deadly Bloggers Challenge 2013

During the second last half of the year it occurred to me that I needed to be blogging more. My output for 2012 was decidedly lower than in the previous years. I look at folks like Anita Heiss – a prolific blogger – and I cringe at my efforts.

Artists! Don’t lock up your content

First, two examples –

1) For a Short Time is one of favourite songs on one of my favourite albums (Lethal by the Kilo) performed by one of my favourite bands (The Tiddas). They disbanded a few years ago and I’m so lucky that I have copies of all their albums. But. If you don’t already have a copy of their albums, there’s a really good chance that the only versions you’ll ever have access to are pirated copies (like the one in the YouTube clip above). I’m constantly wanting to tell Australian teachers how For a Short Time (and many other songs from their albums) is a fantastic stimulus text to discover Indigenous history and society. But I have nowhere to send teachers to buy a copy of it.

The rise of the #selfie

If you know about or use Instagram by now you’ll probably be familiar with the #selfie. I don’t agree with the current Urban Dictionary definition of #selfie, as I think it’s evolved from the world of myspace and duckface to one where a selfie is basically a self-portrait using a phone camera. The images are designed to be used online and shared on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

New toys/tools fun for some, headaches for others

I’m thinking about the barriers to collaboration when I watch this video. The Conversation team have created such a simple tool, so simple to use. But despite its simplicity and easy interface, there will still be people who will not understand or want to use it. Some will resist the tool itself, some academics will resist the mainstream exposure (which can be extremely negative), and some will resist the CC. We have to find a balance between respecting people’s own career choices (to collaborate or not to collaborate) in the face of business/institutional imperatives.

Taking the leap into the social web

I’ve talked previously about establishing outposts for The Critical Classroom. But what does one do before that point? This post is written for a friend who has been not quite ready to take the leap into the social web for business but knows that they should/can.

Increasing Indigenous Participation in Business

I am presenting at the Queensland Tourism Industry Council’s Increasing Indigenous participation in tourism forum in Brisbane tomorrow (Friday 25th November). I’m presenting on behalf of the South East Queensland Indigenous Chamber of Commerce.

Below is the bulk of what I would like to say, though unless I read from the paper I won’t say it all. You can also listen to me read it at Flipzu.

Increasing Indigenous participation in business is such an large topic. Where do we even start?

First Indigenous Australian Mobile Application

Congratulations to the team at Inguides on their release of their iPhone and iPad applications yesterday and their Android application a few weeks ago.

This is probably the first mobile application by an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander person. One of the hardest parts about being in business is keeping track of your vision through the ups and downs. The Inguides team should feel very proud of their acheivement and I hope continue to develop their products well into the long-term.

One a personal note, as a user, while I’m still getting used to it, I was really happy to have located an Indigenous business only two suburbs away. One that I’d never heard before.

Guest Lecturing at QUT Creative Industries

Thumbnails of some of the work Michael Gilsenan and I have created over the past few years under the Blacklines’ banner

Yes. It might be Sunday. But apparently there’s no rest for the wicked – or the learning. Today I spent 90 minutes with Masters of Creative Industries students at QUT. This is the third lecture in previous semesters I’ve done in this course convened by Michael Doneman.

This time though I took Michael Gilsenan with me and we applied some the ideas of the lecture to indstury practice in the design industry. I reckon there’s a conference paper or two (and maybe a thesis) in some of the stuff we talked about today. Something to ponder ….

Cheers, Leesa

Critical Classroom at QEDREX

Indigenous education resources

The Critical Classroom team participated in the annual Queensland Education Resources Expo at the Brisbane Exhibition and Convention Centre.

…it will give you plenty of exposure….

When you’re starting out as a content creator, you know that you might have to do some free stuff in order to build your portfolio. But a point is eventually reached where the ‘can you do it for free, it will give you great exposure’ argument is no longer tenable.

Blak History Month

I’m celebrating July as Blak History Month. Are you?