Call for participants: User testing (Brisbane, Cairns, Bamaga)

Iscariot Media is helping to find participants for user testing across three locations for a new website designed that will be launched later this year. The website will have a national focus and has been developed as a historical and educational resource.

Call for Participants: Indigenous Parents and Families

Iscariot Media is helping to find participants for four research focus groups conducting research across Queensland into the development of a government policy related to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and families. 

Digital Tracks rolls out across South East Queensland

Earlier this year, Iscariot Media started the roll-out of Digital Tracks – a program for Indigenous businesses in South East Queensland. Delivered in partnership with TAFE Queensland, Digital Tracks is about breaking down the barriers about technology for Indigenous small businesses. Our goals is to build capacity in everything technology from marketing and social media to cybersecurity and hardware needs. While the target industry is tourism, the learnings relate to most small business. And while the specific locations are Brisbane, Moreton, Toowoomba and Redlands, we were lobbied hard by friends and have added the Gold Coast to the mix as well for an intense 5-day event.

Key takeaways from the Australian Indigenous Tourism Conference 2018

The  Australian Indigenous Tourism Conference held this week in Lorne, Victoria was a wonderful opportunity to connect to Indigenous tour operators from all over the country. This is just a quick post to capture some of the takeaways for me:

Indigenous Tourism: Building a sustainable business

This week Emma and I are in Lorne, Victoria to attend the Australian Indigenous Tourism Conference (AITC). We presented on Day 1 and it was great to connect with everyone from around Australia working in Indigenous Tourism. Our presentation Indigenous Tourism – The reality of building a sustainable business focused talking about the key components of building a sustainable business over time.

Stop wasting your time with vanity metrics

Social media likes and comments make us feel good. We already know that social media can be addictive. However even if we’re not addicted, it can be distracting and have us focusing on the wrong things, particularly in the early years of business.

World Indigenous People’s Forum, Rotorua, New Zealand

The World Indigenous Business Forum is an international gathering of Indigenous business owners, stakeholders and researchers. Established in 2011 and conceived by the Indigenous Leadership Development Institute in Canada, this annual event is hosted in a different nation each year.

The 4th Annual Indigenous Business Month

Indigenous Business Month logo

It’s amazing what can happen when just a few people say ‘let’s do this’. For the 4th year in a row, we are celebrating Indigenous Business Month this October.

Call for participants – Indigenous business owners and their attitudes to business: A small study

Iscariot Media is helping to event manage three research focus groups that explore Indigenous business owners attitudes to business. This Queensland Government sponsored research project that will help inform understanding of Indigenous approaches to business.

What do I need to start a small business?

What do I need to start a small business?

Are you someone who is keen to start your own small business? Or have you been considering how to make your hobby or side hustle a full-time gig?  One of the questions we get asked the most is “What do I need to start a small business”?

Creating best practise in Indigenous graphic design

In 2013 I wrote a post titled Indigenous Issues + Graphic Design. I was responding to a question I’d been asked by someone about if it was okay if they (a non-Indigenous graphic designer) would be allowed to do ‘Aboriginal style’ illustrations for an educational company.

tl;dr: No, it’s not okay. This afternoon I saw my first “we’re a rugby team, submit a design and we’ll choose the best one for our jersey” post of 2018, and again (for probably the fourth year in a row) I’m cranky. Why?

A strong business needs strong foundations – keeping your business secure

Strong business requires strong foundations.

Just as you require a strong business model, financial processes, a clear sense of what you’re selling and who you’re selling it to,  you also require strong IT practices.

Indigenous Business Networking with the Black Coffee Mornings

A few years ago I had this idea to have a weekly Indigenous business networking event – free and informal but value driven by the serendipity of new and unexpected faces.

Facebook killed my Indigenous Business Interest Lists so now I’m using pages

I’m an avid Facebook user and an interested watcher of what’s happening in the Indigenous Business world. I spend a lot of time being asked for recommendations and ideas. And the only way I can do that is to keep up with what’s happening.

Social media isn’t free anymore, not that it ever was

Prompted by this month’s Pepsi and United backlash on social media, I read a rant today about how companies should plan social media defence strategies before they even think about launching a social media campaign. He further quoted some ‘guru’ saying that with social media you never need to pay for advertising. I could write this post by arguing that United wouldn’t be where they are had their staff not be physically violent with their customers. I’d hardly blame social media for United’s problems at this point. But it’s this final point I want to focus on.

Promoting your Indigenous small business

5 ways to promote your Indigenous business through networking

All business owners approach starting a business in different ways. Some talk about their ideas for years and eventually start, while others will just start trading with barely a word.

Conceptualising ‘digital’ for small business: It’s bigger than ‘should I tweet?’

We meet so many different people in our work – old/young, experienced and not so experienced. We also meet folks who really have a head for digital and many more who do not. It’s really easy when you don’t know about something to have only a surface understanding of it. And with digital, it’s more often than not, much bigger and more complex, sophisticated and nuanced than you might realise.

How to see posts from your favourite Facebook pages

How to see posts from our favourite Facebook pages.

As a volunteer organisation, we on the committee of the South East Queensland Indigenous Chamber of Commerce find it easier to make quick updates and events on our Facebook page.

Supporting Indigenous Business in Queensland

Leesa Watego joins the Aboriginal and Torres Striat Islander Business and Innovation Reference Group.

It is well known that Indigenous businesses are more likely to employee Indigenous people. Thus supporting the growth of Indigenous businesses is an important strategy in community development.

Happy Indigenous Business Month 2016!

Iscariot Media are proud sponsors of Indigenous Business Month

We’re excited and proud to again be supporting Indigenous Business Month. Indigenous Business Month came out of discussions we’d had as the Murra Indigenous Business Masterclass of 2015.