Social Media Workshops with Indigenous Lawyers Association of Queensland

Iscariot Media run LinkedIn Workshop for Indigenous Lawyers Association of Queensland Student Networking event.

This week we headed to 111 George St where Leesa ran our first social media workshop in a while for the Student Networking event run by the Indigenous Lawyers Association of Queensland. By request we focused on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a vital tool that supports legal students in showcasing their education and experience. LinkedIn can also be a valuable tool to support their face-to-face networking activities. The students learned about the different components in a LinkedIn profile, as well as what types of information you should include. Do you have a job at McDonalds? Make sure it goes in!

We also looked at the personal/professional line that can be difficult to know where to cross, as well as the opportunity for young people to using blogs to self-publish articles that are of importance to them.

For this workshop Iscariot Media also bought along a photographer to give the students an opportunity to have a professional profile image. We’re in the middle of Photoshopping them now and look forward to delivering them this week.

Would your organisation or workplace benefit from a social media workshop? Give Leesa a call for a yarn.