New site coming soon!

We are excited to announce we will have a new site soon. It won’t be anything fancy. Just a simple site that we can use to build as much great content as possible.  We’re finally growing out of Blogger and into the self-hosted WordPress world. Wish me luck. I will be a CSS Champion before you know it.

Thanks, Leesa

February 2013 Update: We’re just finishing off a new website & design for a client, so we’ve put building our new Iscariot Media website on hold. We will focus first on the migration of The Critical Classroom and Deadly Bloggers to WordPress before we worry about our home page. That said, I have made a few changes and a little tweaking to get past the limitations of Blogger. I will try to write up a post about what I’ve done, but we now have a static-ish Home Page ( as well as an Iscariot Media blog ( Can you work out how I created it?

July 2013 Update: Well we’re here, a self-hosted WordPress site. We’ve stuck with the Twenty-Thirteen theme for simplicity. Lots more work to do, including adding a Portfolio. That will all come soon.

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