Conceptualising ‘digital’ for small business: It’s bigger than ‘should I tweet?’

November 11 2016

We meet so many different people in our work – old/young, experienced and not so experienced. We also meet folks who really have a head for digital and many more who do not. It’s really easy when you don’t know about something to have only a surface understanding of it. And with digital, it’s more often than not, much bigger and more complex, sophisticated and nuanced than you might realise.

How to see posts from your favourite Facebook pages

How to see posts from our favourite Facebook pages.
October 13 2016

As a volunteer organisation, we on the committee of the South East Queensland Indigenous Chamber of Commerce find it easier to make quick updates and events on our Facebook page.

Supporting Indigenous Business in Queensland

Leesa Watego joins the Aboriginal and Torres Striat Islander Business and Innovation Reference Group.
October 13 2016

It is well known that Indigenous businesses are more likely to employee Indigenous people. Thus supporting the growth of Indigenous businesses is an important strategy in community development.

Happy Indigenous Business Month 2016!

Iscariot Media are proud sponsors of Indigenous Business Month
October 1 2016

We’re excited and proud to again be supporting Indigenous Business Month. Indigenous Business Month came out of discussions we’d had as the Murra Indigenous Business Masterclass of 2015.

Use Live Tweeting to Amplify Your Event

Twitter can help build your event's profile.
September 30 2016

In 2016 most event planners are using social media to publicise events before events, as well as the wrap-up afterwards. There are an increasing number of events however that are using the event itself as an opportunity to share content through live-tweeting.

Social Media Workshops with Indigenous Lawyers Association of Queensland

Iscariot Media run LinkedIn Workshop for Indigenous Lawyers Association of Queensland Student Networking event.
September 16 2016

This week we headed to 111 George St where Leesa ran our first social media workshop in a while for the Student Networking event run by the Indigenous Lawyers Association of Queensland. By request we focused on LinkedIn.

Vernon Ah Kee: Judging panel for Telstra National Aboriginal Art Award 2016

August 15 2016

This week Vernon returned from Darwin for the final round of  judging one of the country’s most prestigious art awards, the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Award in Darwin. Joined by Kimberly Moulton, Don Whyte, at the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory, the pre-selection was held a month ago, with a fantastic list of NATSIAA finalists chosen a few months later.

Learning to Fish – Which Way for Computers Workshops for Young People

Iscariot Media is running computer STEM workshop for Indigenous Young People in New South Wales in conjunction with ATSIMA.
July 12 2016

This year we are excited to be working with Dr Chris Matthews and the ATSIMA team as part of a series of STEM workshops for Indigenous students throughout New South Wales. We will be running our new Which Way for Computers workshop where we will work with Indigenous young people to show them how to take old computers and get them up and running again.

Supply Nation 2016: Innovation for Impact

Innovation for Impact | Iscariot Media - Indigenous Creative Agency.
April 30 2016

This weekend the Iscariot Media team are off to Supply Nation for the Connect 16 event in Sydney. Supply Nation is the national Indigenous supply and procurement body in Australia. It seeks to bring together (kind of like a dating agency) independent Indigenous businesses (the suppliers) and corporations and governments (the members). In addition to a

1st April – Digital Profiles Update Day

Make April 1 your Digital Update Day | Iscariot Media - Indigenous and Creative Design
March 26 2016

In addition to checking your fire alarms, we’re declaring the 1st of April to be the (unofficial) Digital Profiles Update (DPU) Day. Why? Because things change – are you still working at the job? have you just finished a deadly project? do you still look like that? have you just completed a course? is that description still the best way to describe your business? It’s easy to forget to update all your